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Our Process

What can you expect when you meet with your mortgage broker?

At Ascot Mortgage, we are here to make the process of finding your new home loan as simple and straightforward as possible. We help by comparing home loans, explaining and assisting with the overall process and negotiating rates on your behalf.

Initial Consultation

Phone appointment to discuss your goals and objectives.


Appointment of your choice: in person, zoom or phone, to discuss your home buying plan.

Preliminary Assessment

Compare and provide you with three recommendations that best suit your financial goals and objectives.

Application Lodgement

Submit your application for conditional approval.

Next Steps

Once your application is conditionally approved, you may confidently start your house hunting journey; putting in offers and attending auctions.


When your offer has been accepted and you have signed the contract, you will send a copy of the fully signed contract to Nam so he can progress your application from conditionally approved to formal approval.


After the bank has formally approved your application, you will receive your loan contracts, which you will go through with Nam.


Once the loan contracts have been signed and sent back to the bank; the bank will certify your application and get ready for settlement. You won’t need to do anything at settlement.

As soon as your settlement is completed, you can pick up the keys to your new home!

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